Wet Stuff Water Features installs water features including ponds, fountains, waterfalls and streams in Edmonton Alberta



Designing and Installing Water Features and Aquariums

Wet Stuff Water Features designs, installs and maintains all types of water features, whether we have built them or not. Our designs strive to create water features that are biologically balanced and as natural as possible, incorporating landscaping, live plants and the surrounding environment.

Ponds (with or without streams & waterfalls)

All our ponds are custom designed to fit the space available and are deep enough to support fish over the winter if desired. We use high quality materials to stand up to Alberta’s hot summers and cold winters.

Pondless Streams & Waterfalls

Pondless streams are the perfect solution for small spaces or even indoors, and are virtually maintenance-free! They are also a great idea in situations where a pond would be unsafe or undesirable.


Freshwater aquariums are a wonderful addition to any office or home, especially in waiting rooms or front entrances, and have proven to be a favourite with families, clients and staff. Wet Stuff will acquire and set up the aquarium for you, all you need to do is feed your fish! Regular maintenance can either be provided (other than regular feedings) or we can teach you how to maintain the aquarium yourself.

Water Features

Water Features can include bubbling rocks, fountains, or any other type of feature that you would like to set up. We have access to a multitude of ideas and suggestions for your indoor or outdoor space.


All ponds and pondless water features need occasional maintenance and preparation for winter or spring. Wet Stuff will winter or spring-ready your water feature, even if we did not install it, so that all you need to do is enjoy it!

Water Feature Design

1. Consultation


Wet Stuff Water Features will send a trained representative out to your home or office for up to two hours and create a custom-designed plan and quote for your water feature. The fee is $100, however $50 of the consultation fee will be credited toward the cost of your water feature. Due to the amount of custom designing that each water feature requires, all water feature quotes are delivered after a consultation.

2. Installation

We strive to install water features quickly and professionally. Depending on the scope of your water feature, installation may take half a day up to a week or more. All details will be determined and discussed during your consultation.

3. Maintenance

Wet Stuff can perform any seasonal maintenance you require, regardless of whether we installed your water feature. Regular maintenance can also be arranged.

4. Enjoyment

Enjoy your water feature!

Wet Stuff Water Features realizes everyone has to build within their means and has options available for virtually any budget. Perhaps your dream is to have a beautiful fish pond with a dozen fish, many plants a waterfall and a stream. Your dream water feature can be constructed in stages starting with either the stream or the pond, depending on your budget. All these possibilities can be explored during your consultation (please refer to “How It Works” on the left).

Price Estimates

  • Aquariums: $1,000 and up
  • Pondless waterfalls: $3,000 and up
  • Ponds: $4,000 and up
  • Water Features: vary, these can be tailored to any price range

Exact pricing can be obtained with a $100 consultation where $50 of the consult fee will be applied toward your purchase. All quotes include labour, installation and all required materials. Livestock and plants can be negotiated. We offer a one year warranty on all our work and the materials.

Bill and Vera Missen

We can’t say enough about our new Pondless Stream/Waterfall. Everyday we wander out into our yard and enjoy the sound of the water as it plays over the cascading rocks and ledges. We can see from our kitchen window birds of every description splashing around in the several pools each day. Our neighbours love the sound and say it puts them to deep sleep every night. Passing pedestrians stop to listen and smile. Our grandkids play with the falls, changing around the smaller rocks to divert the waters and our two dogs drink from it daily. It invites everyone to stop and pause in our busy daily lives. Thanks Wet Stuff for the hard work and great results.

Riki Roy – Omnus Financial Group

The fish tank at the office has become a major source of attraction and everyone who walks into the office wants to feed the fish. I think the fish are going to get overfed and people want to come in on the weekends to feed the fishes.

The fish have added a lot of colour and life to our reception area.

Thank you Jason for picking the right fish kind of fish and making this experience so interesting and lively.

E. Premji

Thank you, Wet Stuff Water Features, for the awesome job you have done for me – first in building my pond, then on enlarging it this year. And thank you for the excellent service that you perform each year, maintaining my pond. I love it!

About Us

Wet Stuff Water Features is owned and operated by Jason and Jenn Miller in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. They have two sons, Alex and Troy, who love learning about the fishes, toads and plants that surround them at home. The Millers started this business out of their love for water and the plants and animals that thrive within it. Jason has been maintaining aquariums of his own and breeding fish for over 15 years and Jenn has her Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Alberta and is currently earning her Chartered Accountant designation. They decided to combine their knowledge of freshwater ecosystems and business to create Wet Stuff Water Features and are very excited to meet new clients in order to share their passion!